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Common Sense Where Main Meets Wooster    Bowling Green, Ohio        Vol.3, Nos.5-10   April 2008

SO? Say Library, Hospital

The propensity of the rulers of Bowling Green and Wood County to ape the intransigence of the Bush-Cheney Administration has never been more evident than by the actions of the Wood County Hospital Board and the Wood County District Library Board.

The Bush-Cheney philosophy is to impose its undemocratic and dangerous agenda on the country and the world and to ignore all opinions except those that support it. People who oppose or get in the way of the Bush-Cheney regime are ignored. If foes get too pesky, or too close to the truth, they are steamrolled, investigated, intimidated, incarcerated, bankrupt, or ruined.

The Bush-Cheney way was clearly shown by a recent Cheney reply to a question by ABC News White House reporter Martha Raddatz about the Iraq War. She stated, “Two-thirds of Americans say it’s not worth fighting, and they are looking at the value gain versus the cost in American lives (which reached 4,000 casualties March 23), certainly, and Iraqi lives.”

Vice President Dick Cheney replied, “So?”

In other words Cheney, speaking for himself and President George W. Bush, said they don’t care about public opinion or lives lost. They are going to do what they damn well please in their remaining 10 months in office.

Bush and Cheney would be proud of the hospital board and the library board because the boards have adopted and are carrying out the arrogant “public be damned” Bush-Cheney philosophy at the expense of the citizens of Bowling Green and Wood County.

There is nothing wrong with Wood County Hospital expanding to keep up with the times and meet the competition provided by larger hospitals in Lucas County. The hospital has lots of land to expand upon, especially to the north of the main building.

Yet its board unwisely decided to expand and build a parking lot to the south of its main building that fronts scenic West Wooster Street. This is the beautiful part of the hospital property. It is nicely wooded and grassed and offers a serene, healing landscape that is highly appropriate for a place where most people to go get well and a few go to leave the Earth.

Many longtime Bowling Green residents live in proximity to the south part of the hospital property and rightly expect the hospital to be a good neighbor.

After Bowling Green City Council inconsiderately passed a zoning change to allow the lot construction, local citizens quickly collected over a 1,000 signatures to force a vote on whether or not to change from the residential zoning that was more compatible with the neighborhood.

Despite this outpouring of public opposition that would cause any responsible non-profit board to rethink its actions, the hospital went ahead with the removal of two dozen of what I would call “healing trees” on March 19, according to an article in the Sentinel-Tribune.

What’s more insulting is that the neighbors reportedly were denied a spot on the board’s agenda to plead their case. Wood County Commissioner James Carter, president of the board, defended the closed meeting, telling the neighbors tough luck.

On that basis alone, Carter, not surprisingly a fellow Republican to Bush and Cheney, should be defeated for re-election in November.   OVER

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            While the hospital board said “So?” to the community in the past few weeks, the Wood County District Library Board did its disrespect to the community in 2007.

            The library board’s neighborhood destruction came in the name of what amounts to an employee parking lot.

            To the library board’s credit, it did grudgingly open its meetings to those of us who opposed the “harvesting” of mature trees over the neighbors’ objections and the unwise playing of footsie with library benefactors.

            The board went through the motions of listening, but then did what it damn well pleased. The board appeared more interested in pleasing wealthy donors than the public so it leveled the trees and created a sandbar first and answered the public’s questions later.

            To please its benefactors, the board has gone into the real estate business by preserving the red house next to the employees’ parking lot. This will last for a few years until the library board feels it needs a larger employees’ parking lot. Then more neighborhood destruction.

            The City of Bowling Green was shamed into giving up some of its coveted employee parking spots on the north side of the library’s visitors’ parking lot after all the hubbub.

            The taxpayers of Bowling Green and parts of Wood County have generously and unfailingly supported levies and bond issues for the Wood County District Library that provide the lion’s share of its operating and building expenses? Yet there is no big sign paying tribute to us run-of-the-mill taxpayers who contribute millions by paying our property taxes. But there are big signs all over the library paying tribute to various penny ante donors, including employee parking lot financiers. The donors have provided a pittance to the library compared to us lowly taxpayers, but they get all the glory.

            The library board said to its neighbors and us taxpayers a la Cheney, “So?”

            Bowling Green’s mayor and City Council stand idly by while the neighbors of the hospital and the library are abused. To the lowly citizenry they purport to represent, the Beware Government squad at City Hall says time and time again, “So?”

Courageous Factory Farm Foes Fear Gardner Turd-Burner

            The most courageous people I know are the folks in central Wood County who are fighting the scourge of factory farms and the proposed power plant that would burn dung. Some of them are risking their finances, their reputations and their health fighting the multinational monster that seems to have cowed (pun intended) elected public officials into submission.

            The only public official to come to their aid is Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann. He has filed suit against factory farms.

            County Commissioner Carter (see his “public be damned” attitude above) has been virtually useless in the fight as have other county officials who could help block the factory farms such as the other commissioners, prosecutor, engineer and sheriff.

            Former State Rep., former State Senator, current recently appointed State Rep. Randy Gardner reportedly is behind the so-called turd-burner to be built near Jerry City. It supposedly will convert dairy cow dung into power, thus providing “environmental deniability” for Gardner, running, as always, for the Legislature by again switching “Houses” to avoid term limits.

            To rural Wood Countians trying to protect their stench-free way of life, Randy Gardner and company say, “So?”


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