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Common Sense Where Main Meets Wooster    Bowling Green, Ohio        Vol.2, No.5   October, 2006

Ted Strickland Offers

Better Days For Ohio;

Sherrod Brown Ready

To Boot Bush Lackey;

Marc Dann To An-‘Noe’

Betty Back To P’Burg;

Above Right, Editor and Publisher John K. Hartman shakes with future Governor Ted Strickland at fund-raiser hosted by Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner on Sept. 11

            Ever desperate Ohio Republicans are hauling out all the sludge they can muster in a futile attempt to demonize the Democratic Party candidate for Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland. At this rate, the GOP will equate Congressman Strickland with mass murderers before Nov. 7.

            Ohio voters know better. We Buckeyes have been fooled long enough by the corruption in Columbus – ethics-challenged Governor Taft, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell who suppressed the turnout in the 2004 election for partisan reasons, and convicted felon and GOP donor king Tom Noe, who faces trial on state charges of mishandling state money this month.

            All Ted Strickland has done is devote his life to making things better for Southeast Ohio, the most economically devastated region. Ted is a stand-up guy who will not be pushed around by anybody. He will make the changes necessary to turn around Ohio.

            But Ted needs help in Columbus, Washington and even in Wood County. First in D.C.

            U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown is on the verge of taking the U.S. Senate seat away from GOP flunky Mike DeWine, one of George Bush’s cozy pals. The ads are wrong: DeWine let us down!

            Courageous Robin Weirauch is visiting all 16 counties in the next 2 weeks to unseat U.S. Rep. Gillmor, who counts among his buddies scandalized ex-reps named Delay, Ney, and Foley.

            In Columbus, Ted needs Marc Dann as attorney general. Betty Montgomery was on the STRS board when bad investments cost present and future teacher retirees billions in benefits. She took thousands of $$$ from and failed to timely investigate GOP buddy Noe.

            The rest of the Democrat lineup: Jennifer Brunner secretary of state, Barbara Sykes for auditor (the first two join the governor on the redistricting board), Richard Cordray for treasurer, Ben Espy and William O’Neill for state supreme court, and Tom Osowik for appeals court.

            In Wood County, the Bass Pro Shop tax giveaway was orchestrated by State Rep. Latta and Commissioner Brown, the same folks who let factory farms run free. They must be replaced by dynamic Jeff Bretz of North Balt for state rep. and classy Melanie Bowman of Lake Twp. 

-- John K. Hartman, Editor and Publisher                                              (OVER)


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BG City Council To Library Lot Foes: ‘ DROP DEAD ’ 

In a manner reminiscent of three decades ago when then President Gerald Ford told the leaders of New York City that he would not help them with their city’s financial problems, the Bowling Green City Council refused Sept. 18 to intervene on behalf of the citizens and neighbors opposing the new library parking lot.

Back then, the New York Daily News carried a front page headline suggesting that Ford said to NYC: “DROP DEAD.”

In essence, Council told me and others who dared ask for their help to “DROP DEAD.”

I returned to Council Sept. 18 to follow up on my appearance Sept. 5 during which I politely asked Council to do two things:

First, I asked Council to open negotiations with the library about freeing up for library use the 9 parking spots the city controls in the current library lot and to consider designating 20 spots in an adjacent city lot for library use. The library would be asked to abandon its plans for a new parking lot in return.

Second, I asked Council to hire independent legal council to get a court ruling on whether or not the library unilaterally could pave over the current sandbar where a house once stood at Church and Court Streets without city zoning and planning approval.

On Sept. 11 City Council had a committee of the whole meeting to discuss my requests and those of other civic-minded citizens, Dr. Bill Feeman and Kim Layden.

The Council meeting was a shameless dog-and-pony show where non-elected city officials gave all the reasons why they would do nothing other than pander to the library board. The City Council members bought it hook, line and sinker. Sit. Roll over. Fetch. Lie down. You get the picture.

When I reiterated my two requests Sept. 18,  City Council President Megan Newlove hinted to her colleagues in a lawyerly manner that they need not answer but some of the ignored her advice and at least had the misguided courage to say “no.”

Two of the council members acted like they cared – Gordy Heminger and John Zanfardino – but neither offered to sponsor legislation.

The other four – Bob McOmber, Larry Sorrells, Mark Frost and Newlove – acted like the captives of downtown landowners, developers and power brokers that they are. Sit. Fetch, etc.

BG citizens would pass petitions to recall the four of them. BG’s City Charter provides for recall of the mayor (Silent John Quinn) and council members after six months in office. Lacking that, voters would rise up and defeat the mayor and council members who are up for re-election in November 2007.

            But this is apathetic, short-memoried Bowing Green where Newlove and Quinn were unopposed the last time they ran. (Shades of a deal between powerful BG families.)

            City Council has a vacancy again. Sarah Tomashefski resigned Sept. 18. She lasted all of seven months as an appointed council member after dropping out of her re-election race for the First Ward last year because, in my opinion, she knew she had no chance to win re-election.

            Council gets a chance to pick a new member. Perhaps someone who would stand up for the people not the powerful. What do you bet it is another sit and fetcher? Beware Government rules!


BG 4 Corners You Read It Here First Tip Of Month:  Tom Noe is convicted on state charges; is pardoned by George Bush on federal felony conviction and pardoned by Bob Taft on state charges Dec. 31. 


BG 4 Corners Lamest Claim Of Month:  The Sentinel-Tribune’s Republican propagandist in residence Jan Larson wrote that it would be a good idea to sell the Ohio Turnpike to foreign investors.


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