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Our Endorsements

Dann For Attorney General

            If you are voting in the Democratic Party primary May 2, we urge you to vote for State Sen. Marc Dann for attorney general.

            If you are disgusted with the way the Republicans have been running the state of Ohio and the scandals and allegations involving Gov. Bob Taft and BG native and indicted GOP influence peddler Tom Noe, then you have even better reasons for voting for Senator Dann.

            If not for Marc Dann, we might be stuck with the Republicans running the state for another 8 years (as if 16 were not enough).

            For several years Senator Dann has been the investigating the so-called “pay-to-play” system of governance in Columbus. In essence, this is how Republican statewide officials such as Taft, Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, Auditor Betty Montgomery, Attorney General James Petro and Ohio Legislature leaders steer state contracts to people who in turn funnel money into Bob, Ken, Betty and Jim’s and other GOP campaigns.

In Ohio, GOP candidates regularly vastly outspend their Democratic opponents and win elections in the process. Hence, 16 years of Republican control of Ohio.

            Two years ago when I attended the Democratic National Convention in Boston as an  Edwards delegate, Marc Dann was there in full force. He held a briefing for reporters showing how the GOP funny money system worked. This was before the Noe Coingate scandal was broken by the Toledo Blade and back when the typical Ohioan was not paying attention.

            In April 2005 when The Blade broke the story, Senator Dann was Johnny on the spot to call for investigations and cause further revelations of the stories’ ramifications that first led to the top of Ohio government and last month led to the top of the federal government.

            If Senator Dann had not lent his considerable expertise and willingness to stick his neck out for the investigation, we might still not know what really happened.

            Of course, the GOP attack machine revved up to attack Marc Dann and dug up a minor lapse in his work as a private practice lawyer. The GOP tired to blow this up to discredit Senator Dann but his work in exposing them was so overwhelming that their cheap shots did not stick.

            Buoyed by the goodwill generated among Democrats across the state, Senator Dann decided to risk his seat in a safe Democratic district to run for Ohio Attorney General.

            He should have had a clear path to the nomination but those wacky Cleveland Democrats led by former Governor Dick Celeste -- who left the party in a mess when his two terms as governor ended 16 years ago and planted the seeds for the party’s 16-year demise and now is president of Colorado College -- put forth a hand-picked candidate to challenge Marc Dann in the May 2 primary.

            Now Senator Dann has a fight on his hands just to win the nomination.

            I doubt if he is worried.

            He took on the Republicans single-handedly for several years and knocked them from the perch of power in the public’s eyes. On Nov. 7, Ohio’s Democrats are likely to take over the governorship and other statewide offices like attorney general.

All Ohioans, not just Democrats, need a watchdog over our fractured state government. Marc Dann has proven himself the man for the job. Vote for Dann May 2.

Dann’s the Man!  

-- John K. Hartman, editor and publisher.                                            (OVER.)

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Grendell For Attorney General (GOP)

            Republicans have a chance to send Betty Montgomery into early retirement and should take advantage of the opportunity by supporting State Sen. Tim Grendell for attorney general.

            Voters should ignore the back-slapping coverage that the Sentinel-Tribune gives about Betty’s failures. The old six paragraphs of her side, one paragraph of the other side routine.

            Although Senator Grendell is a card-carrying conservative, we believe he is a man of integrity that would clean up the mess that Montgomery and her successor Jim Petro have created over the last 12 years.

            First and foremost, Betty and Jimmy were asleep at the switch while the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation was investing $50 million with Tom Noe’s risky rare coin funds. $13 million of this apparently has been lost and Noe is accused of spending as much as $3 million inappropriately. Also, the bureau invested in risky hedge funds and lost another $200 million.

            Hence, Ohio businesses must pay more into the fund than they are used to and benefits are being cut. That alone should disqualify Betty and Jimmy from public office.

            Grendell is bucking the party establishment to challenge Betty, who took a deal to drop out of the governor’s primary after raising $1 million or so for the gubernatorial race.

            Tim is not tiny and Betty is a big flop. Vote for Grendell May 2.

            (Meanwhile, inept Petro is running against Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, or is it “Bag-well,” for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. Blackwell owned stock in a voting machine company at the same time as it was winning state contracts. A political pox on both of them.)

Jeff Bretz For 6th District State Representative

            Jeff Bretz, a dedicated public servant from North Baltimore, deserves your vote for the Democratic Party nomination for state representative to challenge Bobby Latta.

            Latta has been trading off his Daddy Del’s name for too many years and needs to return to Bowling Green and earn a living. Maybe open a public interest law firm.

2008: Gardner for State Rep., Latta for State Senate

            We all remember the switcheroo that Latta and Randy Gardner pulled in 2000 – exchanging legislative seats so they could circumvent Ohio’s term limit law. We all remember that Wood County’s Democratic Party leaders did not say “boo” to the switcheroo so Bobby and Randy got away with it. We might as well jump on board early for 2008. Boo hoo!

            And thanks Randy for taking over for Tom Noe as GOP economic liaison to Toledo.

Weirauch, Strickland-Fisher, Brown, Cordray, Sykes, Brunner, Giese, Murray, Bowen, O’Neill, Osowik, Espy - Excellent Choices

            Although Wood County once again is short-handed when it comes to Democratic candidates (got to keep our GOP masters happy; we might get a handout occasionally), the district and statewide slate this time around is plenty impressive.

            Dynamic Robin Weirauch can take it to Tom DeLay’s crony U.S. Rep Paul Gillmor. The U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland-Lee Fisher combo for governor-lieut. gov. is the best of my lifetime. U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown will replace a Bush go-fer in the U.S Senate. Judge Tom Osowik is a stellar choice for appeals court. Former longtime State Sen. Ben Espy terrific for state supreme court. David Giese of Sandusky deserves special mention for state central committeeman.

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