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Common Sense Where Main Meets Wooster         Bowling Green, Ohio          Vol. 1, No. 10  Feb. 1, 2006

Hey Betty Montgomery,

Where’s The $1 Billion?

            Betty Montgomery paid one of her infrequent visits to Bowling Green Jan. 24 – having “gone Columbus” 12 years ago – to quit the governor’s race and to attempt to schlep back into the attorney general’s office. Did I mention that she currently is state auditor?

            Her brave oft-repeated pronouncement of staying in the Republican primary for governor no matter what and her promise to Franklin County prosecutor Ron O’Brien that she would stay out of the attorney general race for which he entered were left in the dust as she woke up and smelled the coffee that she would finish third in the GOP primary, not to mention would be a big loser to the likely Democratic nominee U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland.

            Betty probably took the following deal from the GOP barons desperately trying to keep their grip on Ohio: drop out of the guv race, run for attorney general, and 8 years from now we’ll back you for governor.  This means that GOP bigwigs are backing moderate Jim Petro in the gubernatorial primary against right-winger Kenneth Blackwell. Otherwise, the AG job that Petro currently holds would be kept open for his retreat.

A similar succession deal between George Voinovich and Bob Taft 16 years ago gave us 16 years of GOP insults to the state intelligence, our economy, health care and public education.

            Betty picked Bowling Green to announce because she could count on the Sentinel-Tribune, the local Republican mouthpiece posing as a newspaper, to give her one-sided favorable coverage and because without overwhelming support from northwest Ohio, she is going to lose.

            Betty knew that the Sentinel reporter would not dare remind the public that the State Teachers Retirement System lost $1 billion in bad investments under Betty’s watch as a trustee and that present and future public school teacher-retirees are suffering major losses in retirement income and benefit contributions because of Betty’s neglect.

            “Reporter” Jan Larson hinted that Betty was disadvantaged as a female candidate. She forgot to mention that Jennifer Granholm was Michigan governor four years ago.

            Betty does not have to make as many excuses when she has apologists covering her.

Hey Betty, Where’s Noe’s Millions?

            It has been well documented by the Toledo Blade – and well covered up by the Sentinel – that Betty got over $8,000 in political donations from Tom and Bernadette Noe before the Coingate scheme came tumbling down.

            It has been reported by the Blade and largely ignored by the Sentinel that Betty was asleep at the switch as Ohio attorney general when the Ohio Bureau of Workmen’s Compensation was foolishly investing $50 million in taxpayers’ money in Noe’s coin funds. And ditto that Betty was reluctant for weeks to investigating the scheme as auditor until Noe’s lawyer said that $10 million or more may have been lost.

            Betty gave the Blade feeble excuses like she did not have enough lawyers to review the contract with Noe and said she did not conduct a thorough investigation when she learned about the contract because the director of the BWC told her it was profitable.

            Betty played footsie with Bowling Green buddy Tom while it was convenient. Now she throws him overboard in a desperate attempt to stay in office and save the GOP bacon. (Over.)

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Hey Betty, Giving Back Guv Dough?

            Betty cross-crossed the state for over a year, raising money for her gubernatorial campaign and vowing to stay in the race to the finish line.

            She reportedly raised in excess of $700,000 though her opponents Kenneth Blackwell and Jim Petro were doubling and tripling that amount.

            How many hundreds of GOP loyalists whom she hit for contributions woke up Jan. 24 and to find that she has abandoned the governor’s race and her promise?

            How many thousands of GOP faithful heard or read about her now empty pledge?

            Will Betty return the money raised under the pretense of running for governor and start fund-raising for the attorney general race from scratch?

            If you believe she will, then you believe that President Bush just said he was going to do everything in his power to stop global warming.

            State Sen. Tim Grendell of Geauga County is still in the race for the AG nomination. But what chance does he have to raise the money to compete with Betty’s $1 million-plus war chest?

            Intense pressure will be mounted on him to get out of the race by the GOP party barons as part of the likely deal between them and Betty to get her out of the gubernatorial race.

Hey Betty, Paying Back Wood County?

    In an embarrassing display of partisanship and lack of responsibility, the Wood County Commissioners turned over the courthouse to Betty Jan. 24 to make her blatantly political speech in a courtroom and to have a private meeting with her GOP backers.

            I will be writing the commissioners to ask them for an accounting.

            How much did they charge Betty for rent? How much for utilities? How much for security? Did they dock county employees’ pay who attended the meetings?

            The Republican Party thinks its owns Wood County and can use public facilities as backdrops and meeting rooms at its whim.      

            Remember the big salute to Betty they held outside the courthouse a few years ago. It took up most of the front page in the Republican Party-controlled Sentinel-Tribune.

            Not a peep from the Democratic Party. Do we have any Democrats in office in Wood County? If so, do they act like Democrats or closet Republicans?

-- John K. Hartman, publisher, 4 Corners News & Views,

Hey BG City Council, Free The Library 9!

A few months ago, the Bowling Green City Council opened up a new 28 parking space lot for city employees at the corner of North Church and West Wooster streets. The new lot should enable the city to release its hold on the 9 reserved city employee parking spots on the north side of the library lot.

This gesture would begin the healing from the demolition/tree destruction incident and encourage the library board to reforest the sandbar and make the neighborhood whole again

Hey BG City, BG Schools and BGSU, $36,000 For What?

      News item: The city, the school district and the university are each putting up $12,000 to hire a consultant to teach people in Bowling Green and vicinity to be more civil.

            In other words, the Beware Government Brain Trust does not want to be yelled at by the public when it levels a neighborhood, flops with a pricey bond issue, and buys a $1 million dollar residence.

            I can save you $36,000 with this simple advice: STOP DOING STUPID THINGS!

I’m surprised the library board did not kick in.


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