John K. Hartman
Author of The USA Today Way books
The USA TODAY Way 2 The Future by John K. Hartman The USA TODAY Way by John K. Hartman


Thank you for visiting my web page.  Please click on the items to the right for ordering information about my two books:  The USA TODAY Way 2 The Future (c., 2000) and The USA TODAY Way: A Candid Look at the National Newspaper's First Decade (1982-1992) (c., 1992).


John K. Hartman is a professor of journalism at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  He is the author of two books, "The USA Today Way 2: The Future" (2000) and "The USA Today Way" (1992).  He has examined much of the research done on young adult newspaper readership and is a widely quoted source on the topic.  Jacqueline Hartman provided editing assistance to the author.

In August 2008 Dr. Hartman covered and blogged the Democratic National Convention for the Mount Pleasant, Mich., Morning Sun. In 2008 Dr. Hartman was named the Al-Jazirah Newspaper Chair for International Journalism at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and visited the kingdom to lecture, teach and give seminars. He is scheduled to return in 2009. To learn more about King Saud University, visit

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